Negotiations: Part 2

So…. The University come back…. Wand this time they say the following

-They are not prepared to condemn the actions of Isreal as outlined in demand number 1.
-They are prepared to discuss the Birmingham-Ramallah Twinning Initiative. However, this could not be guarenteed in writing (Demand number 2)
-They are prepared to discuss the support for Palestinian students as outlined in deman Number 6.



9 responses to “Negotiations: Part 2

  1. At the *very least* they have to agree to demands 2, 4, 5, 6 and 9….these are so simple, just providing aid in a humanitarian crisis and giving a people, Palestinians, recognition in basic administration.

    They wouldn’t even be taking a political standpoint…as we all know how scared the Uni are of giving an opinion on anything..

    Good luck everyone!!

  2. Hi, it’s Steve here from Aston University Socialist Students, we met earlier tonight! I just wanted to reiterate, on behalf of all Aston and Birmingham City University Socialist Students members, our support for and solidarity with you all in your courageous occupation. I hope it’s continuing to go well, and that the the stand off mentioned in the above message was resolved without problems…take care and all the best! Comradely,

  3. Hi people, see this: HQ of the University Teachers Association, Gaza, was bombed by the Israeli occupation forces, one day after the UTA called for boycott of Israel.

    Sue B

  4. Keep fighting!
    Solidarity from King’s

  5. Dear comrades,

    I am writing to send a message of solidarity on behalf of the Branch Committee of the Lambeth Branch of UNISON.

    We salute your courage in campaigning tirelessly for the Palestinian right to education. The tide is turning against the legitimacy of the Israeli Apartheid state and the student movement is crucial to that. We support you in your occupation to bring about firm commitments to Palestinian students from your university.

    You may also be heartened to know that yesterday our Branch Committee voted to support calls for academic, cultural and economic boycotts of Israel.

    In solidarity,

    James Caspell
    Lambeth UNISON Young Members’ Officer

  6. What is your email address? I want to send you a media mailing list.

    well done guys, the occupations are spreading. See my blog for more info on these.

    Hope youare all feeling well and in high spirits. Who says that student activism is dead?!!

    Well done, solidarity from SOAS. Clare

  7. What’s happening folks? No new posts. Anyway have a look at this clip of the LSE occupation. Brum gets a mention.

    Sue B

  8. Oxford students have occupied the University buildings

  9. Hi James at Lambeth Unison, I’m delighted to learn your branch has voted for academic and cultural boycott of Israel. Please can you send me your e-mail address so that we can stay in touch? (Mine is below) And you might like to be added to the BRICUP supporters’ list for updates on Boycott etc. activities and news.

    Sue B

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