Our Demands

As part of the occupation we made several demands to the Vice-Chancellor and Senate of the University of Birmingham, the achievement of which was part of the aims of the occupation. These demands were as follows:

1) That the university corporate issue a statement (i) condemning the massive breach of the human rights and the indiscriminate killing and injuring of the people of Gaza during the ongoing military operation
(ii) condemning the deliberate destruction of educational infrastructure in Gaza (iii) condemning the denial of the right to education for Palestinians and Israelis (iv) calling for an end to the illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories (v) calling for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador in protest at the contempt demonstrated by Israel for international law and human rights during the current military offensive (vi) calling on the British government to provide urgent aid and medical assistance to the people of Gaza.

2) That the university actively support the ’Birmingham-Ramallah Twinning Initiative’, part of which involves twinning the university with a university in Ramallah.

3) That the university divest from the Barclays Global Investment index, a pooled fund with a high level of investment in arms companies, specifically BAE Systems, which supply weapons to the Israeli military.

4) That the university implicitly recognise the separate identity of Palestinian students who come to Birmingham in all the services and facilities available to them (at the moment Palestinian students are not administratively separate from Israeli students).

5) That the university donate old computer equipment and textbooks to universities in Palestine, specifically those that were partially destroyed in Gaza during the current Israeli military operation.

6) That the university provide material support to Palestinian students who wish to study at Birmigham, both by waiving the fees of students already here now and by increasing the numbers of scholarships and
studentships available to those who may wish to study here in the future.

7) That the university withdraw all goods produced illegally by Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories from university retail and catering outlets.

‘8) That the university close any accounts with Lloyds TSB and withold a renewal of their lease on campus in protest at their instructing the Islamic Bank of Britain, in their capacity as a clearing bank, to terminate the account of Interpal, a charity which raises funds to aid the population of the occupied Palestinian territories.

9) That the university should accomodate and fund a public lecture on these issues open and free to all members of the university and the public.

As of 22nd February none of these demands have been met.