Further Post-Occupation Statement

Post Occupation Statement

After successfully occupying room LR4 in the Arts Building for 12 hours yesterday those occupying were forced to leave the room at about 9pm last night due to the exceptionally heavy handed approach taken by the University of Birmingham. The University of Birmingham threatened to remove the occupants with force forewarning them that they would be in “breach of the peace” if they did not leave the building. During negotiations of our demands the entrance to the room was then compromised by security guards and police making it impossible to maintain a secure hold on the room. After accepting a meeting with the Vice Chancellor to discuss the demands the occupants finally left chanting “FREE FREE Palestine”. Outside the building there were 2 police vans and numerous police cars, proving that The University of Birmingham was prepared to use such an extreme level of force against its students conducting a peaceful protest.

The University clearly do not want any form of activist student movement on campus, but the support from students and other members of the University yesterday shows that this is not the end of the campaign. It is crucial to remain in solidarity with the cause and keep fighting until the demands are met.

The meeting with the Vice Chancellor will be held on Thursday 22nd January at 9.45 am until 10.15 am, please listen out for further developments on the demands and future actions [to be reported above].



3 responses to “Further Post-Occupation Statement

  1. warwicksolidaritysitin

    I think I speak for many when I say we are proud of the dedication you guys put in, even when facing such university hostility and a major police mobilisation. You did well!

  2. As a former Birmingham Uni student (American Studies) I want to thank you for your efforts to hold the university to account. Your occupation and the others around the country can only aid the effort to hold this COUNTRY to account for its failings over Palestine.

  3. The whole word is behind you
    please also let universites throughout europe and america know what you are doing


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