Report on Free Gaza demo – 22/01/09


5 responses to “Report on Free Gaza demo – 22/01/09

  1. Write to your MP’s and the house of Lords;
    Demand that we impose sanctions on Israeli Goods, Place an EMbargo on Military Sales and Delivery to Israel.
    Type in your post code; it then gives you a list of MP’s in your area. You can then e-mail them. The MP gets rated if they respond or not.

  2. Great stuff!

    When is the next public protest for Gaza??

  3. I respect what you are doing and want to join forces. Here in cairo i have been working with the popular committee in solidarity with the palestinian people. We are planning a march to gaza on february 6th. Will you joining us from london or consider a simliar action?

    please spread the word

    in solidarity,


    In commemoration of the breaching of the Rafah border between Gaza and Egypt one year ago on January 23rd, 2008 the Egyptian Popular Committee in Solidarity with The Palestinian People is calling for a MARCH TO GAZA.

    On December 27th, 2008 Israel launched a horrific bloodbath in Gaza eventually killing almost 1500 Palestinians – including over 400 children – and injuring thousands. The ensuing military onslaught destroyed homes, schools, places of worship, and essential infrastructure, leading to a humanitarian catastrophe. The destruction wreaked by these attacks is exacerbated by Israel’s ongoing siege, which has left the Palestinians in Gaza prisoners within Israeli-created borders and dependent on the meagre trickle of supplies their occupier allows in.

    The Call:

    End the Siege on Gaza.

    The Vision:

    We hope for the call to spread organically and to look different in different places around the world. Whether a defined or indefinite distance is walked, by a specific group or individually; whether calling for boycott or the indictment of Israel for war crimes we are hoping that such efforts will pick up momentum and spread.

    Though the vicious Israeli assault on Gaza has, for the time being, halted, this catastrophe has not been solved. Let us seize this time of urgency to act and call for an end to the siege on Gaza. Our resistance is ignored and obscured by the hypocrisy of our respective governments and so we, the multitude, have no choice but to take to the streets in a collective global expression of condemnation of Israel’s actions.

    The Egypt group will march on Gaza from multiple locations throughout the country starting February 6th

    Follow all events at:

  4. Nottingham have been forcibly removed and Sheffield Hallam occupiers are to be suspended from uni.

  5. Could you let us know what demands you won if any from the university and what has happened since the occupation.

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