Initial Responses From The University……

We’ve had the Uni come back to us, and have offered us the following.

2 Meetings, one discussing the political demands and another to discuss the material support for Palestine.

However these responses were only issued verbally, and with a deadline of 7PM for a response.

Obviously the time is now past 7PM, and we feel that this is not acceptable. First of all, a faint promise, and nothing in concrete is pathetic. We are adults, and deserve at least the respect of a responce in writing. Furthermore, setting us a 60 minute deadline, after keeping us waiting for 9 hours is a blaitant show of abuse. We are not desperate, but defiant. We will not take the first thing offered, but everything that we demanded from the start…

So… We stay. until we get what we came here for…..


One response to “Initial Responses From The University……

  1. Dear Birmingham students

    Solidarity from the LSE! Some advice from our own experiences, go along to any meetings that are offered to you, as long as they don’t come with conditions attached. Well done on the blog, keep contacting the media and writing letters to your administration. You can see the LSE letter exchange on our blog:

    The LSE occupation (6th day and counting!)

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