Initial Responses From The University……

We’ve had the Uni come back to us, and have offered us the following.

2 Meetings, one discussing the political demands and another to discuss the material support for Palestine.

However these responses were only issued verbally, and with a deadline of 7PM for a response.

Obviously the time is now past 7PM, and we feel that this is not acceptable. First of all, a faint promise, and nothing in concrete is pathetic. We are adults, and deserve at least the respect of a responce in writing. Furthermore, setting us a 60 minute deadline, after keeping us waiting for 9 hours is a blaitant show of abuse. We are not desperate, but defiant. We will not take the first thing offered, but everything that we demanded from the start…

So… We stay. until we get what we came here for…..


7 Hours In, and Thanks…..

I’d like to take this oppertunity to say thank you to everyone who has taken part in this occupation in some way shape or form… From those who have been there from the start, through to those who have been here for the last hour taking part in the discussion.

Thry say numbers tell the facts. At time of writing, there are 42 people listening to this discussion, and a further 6 out flyering. The occupation has remained peaceful throughout, and no one connected with the occupation has caused any problems for any other students, Security Staff or Police. We believe that there was a situation with one individual earlier today, however he was not connected in any way with the occupation.

If you are in the Uni, please come down to talk to us. We are at Arts room LR4, and will remain here through to tonight. A human Rights worker will be here at 5PM, and we hope to have some photos or videos online at some point soon. Thank you to everyone who has stopped by, ans shown their solidarity to our Brothers and Sisters in Palestine.

Remember also the petition is online (We love 21st Century Technology) its available at


Petition Online

I’ve just made a petition….

Please feel free to sign it.

3 Hours Past!

Three hours in and we have established our position in the lecture thearte. The university has told us that, so long as the protest remains peaceful we can stay here. We hope now to begin on the process of providing information on the situation in Gaza to people who visit the room. We have books and films, and hope to host lectures. Initially, our only opposition was a representative from the Socialist Worker’s Party, something which suprised me when you consider that the party is in support of the general campaign to free Palestine. Our numbers have now grown 27, we have faced opposition from security, the Police have been called, as is expected, but there have been no confrontations or conflict. The reason why we are here is a secular one, we are here in the name of human rights, we share the belief that killing people on mass, in any name, is wrong. The fact that major powers in the West can stand by and allow these things to happen is unacceptable, in addition, as a student of the university, I cannot condone the University’s finiancial dealings indirectly funding Isreali operations. I pay my fees here, and yet have very little say about how that money is used. If we, as the student body, had a real influence, the occupation would not have been neccersary, however, as things stand, we have had to take action. Come and join us, and speak up As we become more established in the room, and the numbers grow, our power to influence university policy will increase.

If not, please, take the time to read about what is happening in Gaza and educate yourself.
Education is power.

2 Hours In…

So we are two hours in and our numbers are growing! Posters and leaflets are being done, banners outside on the balcony with a flag. 25 people so far and recruiting more! Had our first person against us, shouting from outside but we kept our cool and wished him well – never going to change peoples opinions on this! Will – our media dude has rang everyone he can and local papers and some are on there way. Just had a group picture taken and we are off outside to leaflet now to catch people coming out of their lectures. Security are still at the door, meanwhile im trying to make the place domesticated – getting all homely, have a food table, stationary table……a mini library with dvds and books! There is a really good energy going on in the room, and everybody is up for it. Roll on – almost into our third hour!

Birmingham Univeristy Under Occupation.

Were are now in Arts LR4, come and join us!

More information is available on the other pages of the site.