3 Hours Past!

Three hours in and we have established our position in the lecture thearte. The university has told us that, so long as the protest remains peaceful we can stay here. We hope now to begin on the process of providing information on the situation in Gaza to people who visit the room. We have books and films, and hope to host lectures. Initially, our only opposition was a representative from the Socialist Worker’s Party, something which suprised me when you consider that the party is in support of the general campaign to free Palestine. Our numbers have now grown 27, we have faced opposition from security, the Police have been called, as is expected, but there have been no confrontations or conflict. The reason why we are here is a secular one, we are here in the name of human rights, we share the belief that killing people on mass, in any name, is wrong. The fact that major powers in the West can stand by and allow these things to happen is unacceptable, in addition, as a student of the university, I cannot condone the University’s finiancial dealings indirectly funding Isreali operations. I pay my fees here, and yet have very little say about how that money is used. If we, as the student body, had a real influence, the occupation would not have been neccersary, however, as things stand, we have had to take action. Come and join us, and speak up As we become more established in the room, and the numbers grow, our power to influence university policy will increase.

If not, please, take the time to read about what is happening in Gaza and educate yourself.
Education is power.


7 responses to “3 Hours Past!

  1. Hey, congratulations! I’m sorry I am away from Brum right now and missing all the fun. If you are still in occupation when I get back I will look in – let me know if you’d like a teach-in on “why we need an academic boycott of Israel”.

    On behalf of BRICUP, I wish you all the best for a successful, peaceful and educational occupation.

    Sue Blackwell
    British Committee for the Universities of Palestine

    See also PACBI at http://www.pacbi.org

  2. I am happy to see that people are taking a stand against what is happening. I completely agree knowledge is power and we should use it well. Through out these past 22 days it has become more evident what a biased stance the media has taken in all of this. The information you read is not only misleading it makes it seem that the war was just. When it is quite evident it was far from that. This not only saddens me but makes me lose all hope in people around us.I have been circulating as much information as I can get my hands on and my belief is the same.. Its time we change the way people think regarding Israel/Palestine. Good luck to. Its the least we can do for the people of Gaza who have lost everything in these 22 days and have been suffering for the past 60 years. God bless you all.

  3. I just wondered if the people doing this occupation have the full facts about what is going on in Israel and Gaza.

    Do they think that spending 8 years living in terror is satisfactory ? Do they realise what it means ? When the missil alert alarm rings, all occupants have 15 seconds to make it to a safe room. 15 seconds ! That means you have to think about everything you do, and plan it in advance. What happens if the alarm goes when you are in the shower ? 8 years of this. Children growing up thinking life is like this. Brand new state of the art hospitals being unused as they are in rocket range which means Israeli residents have to travel 2 hours to nearest hospitals on a daily basis. Children going up with trauma associated with the missile alarm, the alarm having to be changed to a woman;s voice as oppsed to an alarm to leave less mental scaring. A quater of all Israeli residents in target towns having to sign up for trauma councelling. 8 years of living like that, could you imagine us in the England living for 8years with missiles from Wales being shot into our towns ?

    Please could the students tell me how Israeli actions in Gaza are different from UK actions in Iraq or Afghanistan ? Do they know the UK destoyed a whole town in Afghan last week killng 5,000 residents. Ths has not been reported in the UK press.

    D the UK students realise other Arab countries killed as many as 20,000 Palestiniansin 3 days ?

    Why are Israeli actions deemed to be so wrong when set against this background ?

    What is the point of your demo ? What do you hope to acheive ? Why aren’t you protesting over the actions of you own governmnt ?

  4. Joseph Jenkinson

    I am a student at Southampton university and im in full support of your occupation(as im sure many others here are too). Goodluck and keep it up!

  5. “killing people on mass, in any name, is wrong”

    does this mean that you condemn the actions of hamas as well?

  6. Collaterally Damaged

    @Alex – compare this by living 60 years under racist colonisation.

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